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Day 1 - The Drive


July 21, 2006. It was a an amazing thing to see Hans' garage, filled with stuff that somehow had to fit in the back of Ed's truck. Ed was mounting some new tires and doing some maintenence on his bike, Hans was busy edging his yard when Steve arrived. Phil brought the hardtail bike he'll be riding (at least when his driving duties allow) and his gear. Mike, Robin, and Glen got there shortly afterward.

It was a packing feat, but somehow Ed's truck absorbed all the gear. We took a final group shot and headed out.

The loaded Truck

210 traffic sucked.

15 traffic sucked.

The desert was hot... we stopped at State Line in NV for a little mexi feast, and thought about hitting the outlet stores, in case we had a sliver of empty space in the truck for anything else.... but at the last minute we backed down.

At about 10:00 p.m. local time, we snatched a couple of campsites amongst the bushes in Beaver, Utah. It was a KOA campground. A clear starry night and beautiful weather, so we slept outside.

2 Hours later, the first raindrops came. Then more. Then the lightening and thunder. Then the howling wind. The protection of choice became tarps... it was a nice welcome to Utah. Hans and Ed got up and covered everthing in the back of the truck; Steve rolled his tarp groundsheet around himself like a cocoon, and we all rode out the night. Mike built an air-dam out of bags (he was sleeping under Ed's truck, hoping not to sit up in a hurry during the night).

Welcome to Utah... weather and what we hope will be among best rides of our lives.

The posse for the ride out

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