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Day 2 - More Driving and ThunderstormsEd's Tent Cot

Drying the wet stuff....

July 22, 2006. It was a soggy mess when we woke up that morning. It had rained, thundered and blown hard all night. Steve, cacooned inside a tarp, managed to stay reasonably dry. Mike was in the wind tunnel under Ed's truck. Ed had his new Tent-Cot, a self contained one-person tent on top of a fold up cot. Hans and Steve whipped up a scrambled egg breakfast and we hit the road about 8:30.

We drove. A long way...we'd had the forethought to make tuna sandwiches so we wouldn't have to stop for food. The coolest part of the drive was winding our way along the 70, which runs for much of this section alongside the Colorado River. There were rafts and kayaks up and down the length of the river for miles. Though the rapids didn't seem too big, up towards the dam at Higby there were a few fun looking ones. Burgers in the Trailhead Parking Lot

Mike under Ed's truck

Eventually we made it to the outskirts of Denver, and headed down to our planned campsite at the Lake. Of course, it was full, and the girl working the entrance station didn't have a clue as to what other campgrounds might be available and nearby. But it was our fault, after all. It was a Saturday night in July.

So we thought we'd go and check out the trailhead, and see if there was anything down there. There weren't any signs prohibiting overnight parking or camping in the parking lot, so we just set up camp at the far corner, which worked out ideally. We were right there, it would be an easy start in the morning. We thought we'd run Phil's bike up the bus stop in the morning, and he could ride down the bike path the 6 miles and pick up the car when he arrived.

That night, the wLunch Breakind howled. It was really strong and never seemed to let up. Nobody slept really well... Glen got eaten by mosquitos outside, and no-one else fared much better. Perhaps it was the nervous anticipation of what the morning would bring....

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