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Day 6 - Off the bike

July 26, 2006. Today we had more Colorado Trail adventures. Everyone got to sleep in (to 7:00 a.m.)..... We took a day off the bikes, but went and hiked instead... the aisle 19 section of Target. We got caught in a torrential downpour (in the showers at the local recreation center), and Ed decided to try out some new tires (on his truck!), and we all cleaned a section... of our clothes. There was even a mechanical today... the washing machines at the laundromat were all out of order. We also took in some of the not-so-local cuisine...Mexican Food. Then in the afternoon it rained so hard at one point, that it was ice.... hail.

Oh, and the most significant event of the day was when Ed made the most important purchase of the trip.... a pink Loufah.

Breckenridge is a beautiful town. We're camped on the shores of Lake Dillon. The town is surrounded by mountains, and it rained most of last night, and every afternoon. Today storms passed through, lasting only about a half hour or so, then we'd be blessed with blue skies again. That cycle has been going on since about 1:30 this afternoon.

It seems there are bike paths and outdoor facilities everywhere, ski shops, bike shops, skate parks, a beautiful lake, and lots going on. The city workers were even out weeding the sidewalks.... when did that last happen in your neighborhood? And people don't seem to be worried by the rain. They're all still out doing what they do, unlike Southern California where traffic comes to a standstill, and rain makes the evening news...

We've been making plans and figuring out what's going to happen over the next few days. Tomorrow is a big day, 3600' of climbing in just four miles up to 12,400', then a big descent. It's supposed to be "an arduous and physically demanding section for experienced single-track riders."  Sounds like fun to us!  It's only 13 miles tomorrow, but will be the most physically demanding thing that we've done. We'll then have a nice flat road ride back to this camp. We won't have to break down camp tomorrow morning so it will be a short day.

Camp, ready for rain

Driving through the rain

Mexican Restuarant

Avoiding the rain...

Sun just came out again... gotta go and enjoy it for a minute. We're gonna walk down to the lake and check out the mountain we have to ride over tomorrow:

Ten Mile Pass, from Lake Dillon


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