Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club

2007 Tour of California

Day one: Stage 5 San Luis Obispo to Santa Barbara


After all these tour celebrations today we set feet in the pedals, we expect a long day, 110 miles to Santa Barbara, under clear skies it should be good day in the saddle.

We left San Luis Obispo after loading the Garomobile with JD at the wheel.
Cold but sunny skies all around, we used a map from last year's route to navigate the course, it was perfect.
No major incidents today, two flats by Andres and Julios' knee started bothering him in Foxen Cyn. It was definitively a ride for the books.








Otto looks like he just fell off the Fruit Truck in the Mapei outfit!

Nice tailwinds and empty roads made it a good day not to be at work. We kept an 18.1 mph pace and the group stayed together most of the time, with the occasional drop caused by the hard pace. 
After 72 miles of an amazing ride we called it quit at Los Olivos. We could not even see the last rider of the time trial, we were late once again.

We ate tri tip sandwiches at the local deli and enjoyed the local brews at the Cold Springs Tavern. Then we were on our shuttle back to SB and our Hotel "The Sandman Inn". We bid farewell to Otto, he was leaving the Tour of California.

Dinner at the Brewhouse and a quick tour of downtown closed the night. JD and Monty are still roaming around town.

We'll see what happens tomorrow, we have a long ride to Santa Clarita!

Ride stats:

Ascent: 3700 feet
Ride time: 3 hous 56 minutes     
Avg speed: 18.1 mph
Wake up call: 7:00 am
Breakfast: orange juice and small muffins
Ride time: 9:30 am


Day 3 Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita

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