Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club

Over the Bars
Mountain Bike Club

We just like to ride. And have fun. Some of us are faster... some are slower, but everyone has a good time. We ride the mountains surrounding Los Angeles: Verdugo hills, Angeles National Forest, Santa Monica Mountains, and beyond. Check the calendar to see what's coming up, or post your own rides to the messageboard.

  • Meet New Friends
  • Camaraderie
  • Rides are posted for Tuesdays and Thursdays evenings and either Saturday or Sunday of most weekends.
  • Occasionally rides are posted for other days of the week.
  • Road trips, camp-out rides, and multi-day epic rides are scheduled several times per year.
  • There are always other riders looking for riding partners at various times.
  • All ability levels welcome (but check individual ride descriptions first!)
  • There is no membership, and rides are open to everyone!
  • As with any sport, know your limits: you ride at your own risk!

How to Join

Though we call ourselvse a "club," we're really just a group of mountain bikers, organizing rides through a web site. There are no membership fees or dues, applications, and you ride at your own risk.

First, create an account on our forum. Introduce yourself and let us know that you'll be coming out for a ride, or ask questions on the board to see if a ride will be appropriate for you. We send out messages to all registered users of the forum.

Then come out for one of our scheduled rides. Or two. Everyone is welcome, but always check to make sure the ride is appropriate for your skill level. Introduce yourself and make new friends.


OTB Has been together since 1993. In 2003 we celebrated ten years of riding. During that time we've raced, ridden and road-tripped. It's always informal, and always fun. There's nothing like the motivation you get from riding with a group, no matter how large or small.


Mountain Biking is potentially dangerous! People have been severely injured and worse. While we practice and encourage safe, in-control riding, on any ride, including OTB posted rides, you ride at your own risk!

It is always safer to ride with other people than alone, so riding with a group like OTB can give you peace of mind. There is an old saying.... Walk today, ride tomorrow; crash today, cry tomorrow. In other words, know your limits! There is no shame in walking a section that you don't feel comfortable riding. We'd rather see our fellow riders happy, safe, and uninjured.

Create an account on our forum. We'll be sending out messages to all registered users of the messageboard.

Frequently asked questions:

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. Zero, nothing, Nada.. Membership is free!

Q.  Can I just show up and ride or do I have to let someone know I am coming? 

A. Just show up and ride.

Q.  I see you guys ride year round at 6:00 pm on Tuesday and Thursday nights.  Well isn't it dark out at that time half of the year?  Will I need a light?

A.  Yes it is dark out for half the year on our evening rides.  Yes unless you can see in the dark you will need a light.

Q.  I don't have a Bike,Night light, Helmet...but would like to try riding does someone have a ____ I can borrow to try it out?

A.  Probably. There are several members with extra gear. Post on the message board what you would like to borrow and for what ride and see what happens.

Q.  I don't know if I can keep up with you guys?

A.  All levels are welcome on Tuesday and Thursday evening rides.  The slower group takes off at 6:05 to get a head start.

Q.  I am really fast! So fast I can barely keep up with myself.  I don't know if you guys can hang with me?

A.  We have some really fast riders that should be able to give you a challenge.  Fast riders can always go to the top and then ride back down to the last rider then back up for some extra credit.

Q.  I want to come out for trail maintenance but have never done it before and don't have any tools?

A.  No experience or tools needed. We will train you and provide all the tools.

Q. I want to post a picture on the message board how do I do this?

A.  First size your picture down in your photo editing software.  If you don't have this software you can get irfan view photo editing software for free at www.irfanview.com.  Now resize your photo to 600x450 pixels or smaller.  Then upload it to the photo page. Once it is uploaded to the photo page click on it then copy the url from the address bar. The url will look like this when you go to the photo on the photo page.


You will need to modify it by removing the text in red below and adding an s after photo.


It should look like this.


Now go to the message board and start you message click on the photo icon in the message window. You will now see [img][/img] enter your url between the arrows like so [img]http://otbmbc.com/photos/Where_is_it..jpg[/img] 







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