Over the Bars Mountain Bike Club

2007 Tour of California

Day two: Stage 6 Santa Barbara to Santa Clarita

Stage 6 had two groups of OTB riders.  One group followed the stage from Santa Barbara and the other group started in Santa Clarita and rode out to Balcom Canyon were they would meet up with the other group and watch the Pro's tackle Balcom Canyon.

The Start

In Memory of the unknow rider








Julio's Report:

At the begginning the SB to Santa Clarita Stage, my knee was in so muJulioch pain that I

thought I wouldn't be able to ride at all. But I was inspired by riding on the course the pros would ride, so I started with the group. We had a great battle up the first 2 King of the Mountain climbs, but by mile 45 and the third KOM my knee was shot. I limped up the final climb and had to abandon before Balcom Canyon. I couldn't stand up out of saddle to pedal so I knew my knee wouldn't make it up Balcom. I jumped in the Sag wagon, we got a ticket for passing riders on a double-yellow line, and then drove to the finish line to see the final sprint. Hans, Hope & I enjoyed the finish line party and met the rest of the riders when they arrived. What a great time.

Dave's Report:

Julio bravely toughed it out to Santa Paula.

Ride highlight...getting absorbed into a group of 10+ riders including one pro from the Credit Agricole team...taking on food from the Gu Support vehicle as we sped toward Balcom Canyon. Hung as long as we could.
They are amazing. The pros....superhuman.

After three KOM climbs hitting wall on the 4th... Balcom. My goose was cooked so pressed on with only other option sunbathing until night fall. The last water was Santa Paula, and ran out climbing Grimes Canyon. But the route was closed to cars from road leading into Balcom all the way to the 126. The descent down Grimes with no cars was amazing!!

Thanks to Will's friend (Larry in the Amgen jersey) that gave me a Gu a few miles from I-5, and to Andres for the pull into Santa Clarita. Julio....the food and beverage was a godsend.


The group on Balcom


Fruit Loop!Top of Balcom Canyon






















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