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Arizona MTB Trip 5/17/06-5/22/06 Prescott and Sedona

We had a  great trip to Prescott and Sedona!  We had a great group of riders and near perfect weather. Five days of riding on some great trails.  We had our share of mechanicals and one injured rider that required a trip to the hospital in Prescott.

The Aliens have landed and they left us a message.


On the Road in the Ottomobile


Shawn was kind enough to let us invade his new digs in Prescott!  Thanks for the hospitality Shawn!

Five minutes in Prescott and Otto is already telling "True Stories"


Day one:

We do some local riding around the Prescott area.


       Julio gets warmed up for the ride

         Shawn Throws the Hammer down!


















Will we need our pads on this ride? The answer for Julio was yes!

Good thing we had our radios.  Brad was able to let us know Julio had crashed so a few of us went ahead to get the vehicle closer to the trailhead to pick him up and get him to the hospital for some scrubbing and stitches.  Julio had already ridden through the more technical section on the top of the trail. He crashed on the easier section on the lower half of the trail.  There were sharp volcanic rocks everywhere and they sliced right into him.  The wounds were right down to the bone. A few weeks later after the pain would not go away he went in for x-rays only to find out the bone was broken.







Day two:

             We do two rides on day two. The first is a loop around Granite Mountain.


At the top of Mingus Mountain getting ready to drop in.   Taking it all in at some ancient Native       American Ruins
The trail is littered with rocks. 

Those rocks will be the death of one deraillur hanger and bend two







Do you think it is that way?

  Once we find our way down we are flying down a jeep road. We are going over 35 mph when Hans hit a rock and got a front blowout.  His rim suffered a big ding!


Day Three, Four and Five: Sedona


Andres' Mom and Step dad are not only nice enough to host the OTB crew at there home but they also make us a great breakfast too

 We ride up Munds Wagon Trail to Shenebly Hill then Cow Pies/ Huckaby Trail and the

Jim Thompson Trail.

Then about four miles into the ride Andres' rear hub locks up. 

We enjoy the scenery while we wait for Julio

The hub is toast.  We figure Andres' bike is done, then he thinks hey Julio's wheel will work.  We get Julio on the phone and tell him the situation.  He does not even hesitate he loads his rear wheel in the van and drives up a dirt road to meet us. Julio saves the day!

Well we do not make it to much further after getting Andres' bike rolling again when Hans' deraillur hanger breaks in two and his deraillur cage goes into the spokes.  The cage bends.  Now we are screwed as this was his spare hanger.  He broke one the day before too.  We put a call in to Julio our trip hero and he agrees to once again drive up the hill to meet Hans and take him to the bike shop to get some parts.  We remove the deraillur and chain and Hans coasts down the hill to meet Julio. 

Julio and Hans were not to sure what went on when they went off to fix Hans' bike?  The guys say they had some quality male bonding time, but somehow We thought it might have been something deeper?


We stop in at the local swimming hole.

Triple B is pumped about this trip!

Taking a dip.




This trail was a little tricky with all the Cactus to deal with!


Oh and look Wildflowers!


Last Day:

We decide to do a sunrise ride before hitting the road. Some of the crew decide to sleep in so the sunrise riders are Ed, Andres and Hans. What a great way to end a great trip!


We ride the Broken Arrow trail to Sub Rock.


















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