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Tour of Three Parks

Day Five: 

Sequoia to Three Rivers

"Yavate, Yavate !!!"
Indian word , it means: THIS IS BULLSHIT !


Ride Stats:
Start time: 8:08 am
Ascent: 520 feet :)
Distance: 30.2 miles, Sissy ride
Ride time: 1 hour 40 minutes
Total time: 3 hours


Last chilly night in the sierras, it was probably the coldest night out here, judging by the ice forming inside and outside our tents, yavate ! Even the local bear was wearing a wind breaker.

We had another early am call by our drill sergeant Hans at 5:45 am , Yavate ! We prepared apple pancakes, coffee, and broke out camp for the last time. Today's plan is to climb out of Sequoia and descend towards the San Joaquin Valley. Since we conquered the three parks already, we'll wait for Natasha to catch up with us down the road and wrap up the Tour of Three parks.

The climb out of the park was cold but beautiful, the trees all around us are changing colors and every turn is a perfect fall postcard. We continue to see Sequoias along the road, another great day

on the bike.  



Downhill day was a well deserved treat, after more than 29,000 feet of climbing and 372 miles, we needed a ride with the wind in our faces. Descending out of Sequoia was a blast, little traffic due to road construction and warming temperatures as we descended down the hill.    








We found a bakery next to the road where we had freshly baked pastries, bread, coffee, and orange juice. We are in celebration mode now, and our legs are ready for a break, at least until the OTTObeerfest on Saturday.

After our morning tea, we rode another 5 miles when Natasha found us down the road (Otto leading the way for the first time, with his newly found "pulling gears"). Just like that, the Tour of three parks was over.


We are done with another epic ride, no hugs,tears, or kisses; bikes on the rack, and back to the city. The weather and the universe were with us on this trip, today ,we all got our wishes, I got to see my black and white cow, and all the others got their wishes too. After all, Otto was right all along: he said "wake a vish (make a wish), the universe will bring it to you" during a campfire chat. After this trip we are all believers, give it a try, it really works.
Wake a Vish !









Tree Hugger!

Tour of Three Parks Stats:

The lowest point was 720'

Highest point was 9700'

Total miles= 373


Total Elevation gain 30,260'                 

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