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LUNES 11/19/07


Ride stats

Start time: 7:57 am

Distance: 85 miles

Average speed: 18.6 mph

Ride Time: 4 hours 40 min

Total Ascent: 880 feet

Average temperature: 82 F


San Felipe to Campo Mayor


Spanish word of the day: Ballena / Whale (term used by Pacifico beer for a 40 ouncer)

After a nice night in our $60 a night room we started breakfast and packed up operations. Breakfast was pancakes and bacon with apple juice. Jesse took care of the peanut butter sandwich assembly line for the road ahead.  We say our goodbyes to our friends. It is so sad to say goodbye.


Most of our ride should be a flat journey to a campground outside Mexicali which we don't know where it would be, we only know that it is 70 to 80 miles away.

Our legs are really tired now; today's ride is just what we need to recover. The peloton is riding pretty good together. We are riding north towards Mexicali and the desert landscapes provide a beautiful backdrop for our paceline. 





Temperatures are perfect and the wind is just enough to justify drafting each other. We are quickly leaving the Sea of Cortez, dry lakes on both sides and no places to stop are a good sign that we are deep in the desert of Baja.

By the time we rode 80 miles our trusted team was nowhere to be seen, we knew that they wouldn’t leave us behind and we kept on riding. Natasha lools out for the teamBy mile 85 a true oasis was ahead.

Natasha and Claire were waiting with a pool table, a good restaurant, ballenas, and a small lake. We had arrived at Campo Mayor.







Campo Mayor had good cold showers and BBQ pits and of course a camp Dog! 


Dinner was prepared by Julio, Roobik and Hans; the menu included rice, grilled chicken, salad, and cookies for dessert.

After dinner activities included discussions on the best movies ever made and a dice game in which Roobik cleaned the house twice. EPO test kits were not available. 


















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